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The education department of Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Mahavidyalaya established in the year 2003, offers a three year degree course of B.A(Honours &General) under West Bengal State University. The well equipped and airy classrooms provide the necessary environment of the student’s peace of mind. The department has efficient teaching faculty, who have always been there for their students. The strong student and teacher bond is the roots of the department’s development. The teachers have been always ready to give extra time for their students’ benefit—in note making, in understanding and in their overall development over these three years time. There is the facility of Seminar Library for the students, along with its own Computer Laboratory. The Seminar Library has a wide range of books and reference books which help the students to delve deeper into the concepts. The Central Library is also there to provide books of various genres. Class tests, selection tests are conducted as a regular basis for correct evaluation of their progress of students.