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Since its establishment in the academic session 2011-2012, the Department of English has been offering courses in both B.A. English Honours and B.A. English General. With a scholarly faculty (one full time Assistant Professor and three Guest Lecturers ), the competent and experienced teachers have been enlightening students in their respective areas of interest and expertise, thereby kindling the students’ passion and élan for the study of the English language and literature as well as contributing to the continuous production of knowledge. Besides having a rich collection of varied books and journals on the subject in the College Library, the Department has already introduce its own Library to cater to the immediate academic needs of our students. Of late, a host of students have contributed in terms of aesthetic creativity to the publication of the Departmental Wall Magazine titled PALIMPSESTS. What’s more, teachers of the Department take minute care to hone the critical acumen and research ability of the students. British literature is taught alongside American literature and Indian literature in English and English translation in accordance with the W.B.S.U. syllabi and in relation to the contemporary cultural ( socio-politico-economic ) contexts which give birth to, inform and mould the literary texts themselves.

Mission and Vision :

In future, the Department would like to bring out an Interdisciplinary Journal of English, with the financial assistance of the College authorities, for the budding student researchers and the teachers. Last but not least, the Department of English plans to introduce a Stress Management Cell as well as a Career Counselling Cell in near future to help students out of their hectic, stressful lives to enable them to envision a luminous career trajectory.