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Library FAQ

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How to search library catalogue?

To search documents in library catalogue,

  1. Go to the link:”http://localhost/Webopac/Default.aspx” from the library computers
  2. Select Title, Author, Subject, etc. and write words in appropriate box, then click on “Search”
  3. If you don’t know about title or author, go directly to the “free-text search” box and write appropriate words
  4. Then click on the title of the book and get details of the books

How to find documents from N-LIST?

  1. Go to the “http://nlist.inflibnet.ac.in/”
  2. Click on “Click here to login” under member’s login
  3. Submit your credentials and click on “login”
  4. Choose particular database and find the documents
  5. Don’t forget to log off after use.

What are the documents needed for making library card?

  1. Original fees book
  2. Properly filled up library membership form
  3. 4 copies of passport size photo

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